Best Baby Headphones & Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids

The same way you’d want to care for your ear against harmful and excessive noise from your immediate environment is the same way the little ones need to be cared for too. These young ones have delicate ears which may be put under strain from too much background noise from different sources. You may need baby hearing protection to cancel out ambient noise.The focus of this article is on the best baby headphones and it has been compiled to help you make the best buying decision so as not to jeopardize the comfort and overall health of your babies and infants.

Right from the most famous Baby Banz headphones, we present to you five of the best baby noise-canceling headphones on the market.

Best Baby Headphones comparison

PictureNameAge RangePriceRating
Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff Newborns and up to 2 years of ageCheck Price 4.6
Baby BanzearBanZ Kids Hearing Protection Toddlers and aboveCheck Price 4.2
Em’s 4 Bubs Baby & Newborn Hearing Protector Earmuffs 0+ months and aboveCheck Price 3.9
Snug Safe ‘n Sound Kid Ear Defenders Children as young as six months and as old as grandpa Check Price 4.6
Pro Ears ReVO Hearing Protection Headphones Babies 2 years and aboveCheck Price 4.4

Why you should need the best baby headphones for kids

A lot of reasons abound for why you’d need your babies to have these on at times, we shall briefly discuss these in the following parts below;

Earmuffs help to protect the developing hears

This is because babies are more susceptible to hearing damage as their auditory systems are still in the developmental phase. Noise to the kids may seem 20dB louder than how adults would normally hear same to be and so it becomes necessary to ensure the kids do not become susceptible to hearing loss at the latter parts of their life.


Provides sensory breaks for kids with certain medical conditions

Children living with Autism or ADHD could also benefit from sensory breaks to avoid stimulation and meltdown that could arise from sensory overload situations in loud and crowded places.


Helps to reduce noise-related stress

Outbursts and meltdowns could arise from excess levels of loud, unpleasant and unfamiliar noise. The best baby headphones will help calm your children as they’ll effectively filter out this noise.


Helps to increase focus

You sure know how focused your children can be when most of the unnecessary background noise is filtered out. This will help increase their listening and learning skills and may also help those kids with listening problems.

Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff – (the best baby headphone)

best baby headphones

Our Rating: (4.6 / 5)


This particular Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff is our top choice and this will not come as a surprise since the infant earmuffs are known for effectiveness and comfort. These models are built for infants and newborns of up to two years and more and can completely be washed by hand. This lightweight hearing protection is comfortable to use for your babies and will reduce noise pollution to a great extent.

Features and Description

  • Age Range: newborns and up to 2 years of age
  • Noise Reduction Ratio: 31dB
  • Category 4 baby headphone due to its ability to effectively block out harmful unwanted noise
  • Comfort: lightweight with cushioned earcups for maximum comfort
  • Color choices: comes in a wide range of colors from which you can choose from
  • Build: Lightweight, plastic construction


  • Great noise elimination
  • Excellent and aesthetic design
  • Comfortable cushioned earcups
  • Lightweight, durable and different color options


  • Its one size fit all design may be a problem for smaller babies as it is not adjustable



Baby BanzearBanZ Kids Hearing Protection : (Best Headphones for Toddlers)

Best Headphones for Toddlers

Our Rating: (4.2 / 5)


Another Baby Banz hearing protection makes our list of the best baby headphones but this model is aimed at older kids who may be toddlers or bigger. These earmuffs have an NRR of 21dB and are also lightweight and designed with your children’s comfort in mind. They come in a pink camo color and are so small they are lightweight with cushioned cups for your baby’s listening comfort.

Features and Description

  • Age range: toddlers and above
  • Build: durable hard plastic casing to prevent wear and tear
  • Noise Reduction: excellent Noise Reduction Ratio of 21dB
  • Extra cushioned cups for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight, 190g for easy use and comfort


  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Foldable for easy storage and transport
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Too much abuse may cause it to deteriorate over time



Em’s 4 Bubs Baby & Newborn Hearing Protector Earmuffs

Newborn Hearing Protector Earmuffs

Our Rating: (3.9 / 5)


The Baby Banz headphones are perfect for babies 3 months and above but the Em’s 4 Bubs is perfect for newborns and infants. As one of the best baby headphones, the Em’s 4 Bubs Baby & Newborn hearing protector ditches the traditional plastic headband for a rather soft and comfortable fabric design coming in six colors and designs that are not only comfortable and effective but stylish as well. For some parents, it’s a decision battle between Em’s 4 Bubs vs Baby Banz. This though should not be a problem as it will come down to personal preference. The two headphones though remain the best baby headphones and are top of the pack.

Features and Description

  • Age range: 0+ months and above
  • Fabric headband for greater comfort
  • Headband designed to spread pressure around the head rather than localize it


  • Highly affordable
  • Effective noise-canceling
  • Comfortable on your baby with its fabric and lightweight design


  • May occasionally slip from your baby’s head due to its use of comfortable fabric



Snug Safe ‘n Sound Kid Ear Defenders

Snug Safe ‘n Sound Kid Ear Defenders

Our Rating: (4.6 / 5)


The Snug Safe n Sound is another popular name when it comes to getting some of the best baby headphones for your babies. These are useful as baby headphones for concerts or baby ear protection in store as well as other events. Just like the Baby Banz headphones, these are great headphones for toddlers and are reliable to cancel out ambient background noise effectively. Along with the few details above, the Snug Safe ‘n Sound Kid Ear defenders have got some pretty good details.

Features and Description

  • Adjustable and foldable headband provides flexibility and comfort
  • Lightweight, small and foldable for easy storage and movement
  • 7 color options of different types for flexibility and style
  • 5 years warranty and assurance of durability


  • Great noise canceling earmuff
  • Adjustable and foldable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Different colors to choose from


  • May seem too tight even though it can be used by grownups



Pro Ears ReVO Hearing Protection Headphones

Pro Ears ReVO Hearing Protection Headphones

Our Rating: (4.4 / 5)


Another name you can trust when it comes to newborn hearing protection is the Pro Ears ReVO Hearing Protection Headphones which happens to be one of the best baby headphones you can get anywhere. To a lot of parents, this seems to be their answer to their yearn for the best infant ear protection. What you should know though is that this cost a little more than your average baby earmuffs but it makes up for this in its effectiveness with an NRR of 25dB.

Features and Description

  • Age ranges: babies 2 years and above
  • Noise Reduction: NRR of 25 decibels more than the average 21dB
  • Adjustable, extra padded headband for comfort and flexibility


  • Adjustable and foldable
  • Comfortable and snug
  • Comes in 13 colors
  • Cancels out loud noises effectively


  • A little costlier than most models on the list although it also has the greatest noise reduction ratio




The Pro Ears has a great NRR of 25dB which may be useful when you find yourself and your babies in extremely noisy environments. The Baby Banz earmuffs as well as the Em’s 4 Bubs are are arguably the most popular brands though, they offer great noise reduction and comfort at affordable prices and depending on your budget, some of these could be the best baby headphones for your babies and infants.



It is always the right thing as a concerned and caring parent to ensure the younger ones are well-protected against anything that may be harmful to their adult life. Excessive noise is one of these and any of the best baby headphones on our guide will efficiently protect your children from this occurrence. These are affordable and for a token, your babies can start benefiting a great deal form these.


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