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AKG C214 Review: The Good, the bad & all you need to know

The AKG Microphones are known for their excellent sound quality and this AKG C214 review gives nothing less than thumbs-up for yet another quality microphone. The AKG C214 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone aimed at providing excellent sound reproduction for the avid home studio musician. If

The Top 7 Best USB Microphones of 2018

USB Microphones hit the markets a decade or so ago and it’s kinda funny that so many sound and microphone enthusiasts were either indifferent or quick to write this off as a gimmick. Fast forward to today and here we are writing a review of the best

The Top 7 Best Podcasting Mics in the Market

The quality of your podcasts would normally come down to the quality of the mic with which you record them. A number of microphones are available in the market for this purpose. It may seem a daunting task though to find your perfect pick among this. We’ve

The Top 7 Best Condenser Mic review of 2018

Everyone knows the quality and excellence that comes with using a condenser microphone. These microphones excel in their ability to follow varying frequencies of sound waves and so their sound could be very natural, transparent as well as coming with great clarity and audibility. Let’s check our

The Best Microphone for Recording Vocals 2018

Professional musicians, as well as hobbyists, are usually faced with certain difficulties as regards their use of the perfect microphone for various purposes. While your musical styles, as well as your singing registers, will somehow impact the performance and output you get from a particular mic, there

The Best Home Recording Mic 2018

A studio microphone is one of those important things you’ll have to consider setting up your home studio. The best home recording microphones do not necessarily need to be expensive. In the complicated industry where some microphones retail even as high as $10,000, it somehow seems difficult

Top 5 Best Microphones for Gaming 2018

The audio quality of microphones is usually a thing for the most enthusiastic gamers. Although the truth is that you don’t have to take your gaming microphone to studio level to enjoy the best audio quality, still, you’ll need something better than the plastic arm attached to