5 Best 4X10 Speakers Reviews of 2018

For most car owners, the mediocre level of factory-installed or old speakers could be a source of worry. Having to listen to distorted or flat audio from these speakers are not only frustrating but could cause a strain on the ears. While many audiophiles decide to go

Best Powered Speakers for Live Band

There are home theater speakers and there are speakers specifically designed for live bands, parties and more. Although speakers of these different types may look similar, there are often stark differences in their performances and capabilities. We’ll be discussing the best powered speakers for live band in

Best 10 inch Guitar Speaker: 2018 Reviews & Buying Guide

Seasoned guitarist and hobbyists would not undermine the importance of the output as far as getting the best tone is concerned. The output in this regard is the speaker of your amplifier through which you channel the tone. The guitar is just a part of the whole

Top Rated 4 Infinity Car Speakers Review

Hardly will you see experts and enthusiasts in the audio industry discuss speakers without the mention of Infinity. The company came into being in 1968 and has been a part of the Harman Industries conglomerate since 1983. That’s a solid 50 years of exploits and to be

JBL Car Speakers Review

The JBL audio company was founded in 1942 by James Bullough Lansing and the American company has about 1200 workers globally on its payroll. The company has been around for over seven decades and they’ve produced some of the best car speakers, world-class amplifiers, and loudspeakers as

Do You Need A Best Party Speakers? Top 5 Reviews

You know you’ve got a pretty tricky job in your hands when you are in charge of music and sound for a party. You sure want the audience to have a swell time and the sound and music is one very crucial thing you have to get

Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones under 100 Dollars

For the most enthusiastic gamers, having a set of cans that give them the best sound output is a non-negotiable deal. Although most of the premium headsets in the market come with staggering price tags, careful selection and research can help gamers with tight budget get some

Best Studio Headphones under 100 Dollars

When your passion and love for music translates into the production of music itself, it then becomes important that you set up your very own home studio for music recordings and productions. It will cost you bucks and you should know that but you do not necessarily

5 Best Component Speakers for Car

Changing or replacing your car speakers is the most cost-effective upgrade you could do for your automobiles. The factory-installed OEM speakers could be frustrating at times and for audiophiles, replacing these with the best car speakers is the only way forward. While you can choose to go