Best Wireless Outdoor Speakers 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

The wireless outdoor speakers increased popularity over the last few years. Outdoor wireless speakers fulfill a functional role and are designed specifically for use outdoors. They are wireless so that you can get rid of power and data cables without mess.

best Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Hearing music at outdoors will give you a different and pleasing effect. Wireless outdoor speakers connect to your iPhone, iPad, stereo system or MP3 player, transmits music wirelessly to speakers. You can make a pool side party or a with BBQ grill outing in the lawn with wireless outdoor speakers blasting your favorite tunes. Your listening pleasure will be greatly expanded and you can easily share your favorite music with friends.

Top 5 Best Wireless Outdoor Speakers List

PictureNameBrand NamePriceRating
Outdoor Wireless Speaker and Dock Brookstone $$$4.0
Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Brookstone$$$4.6
Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers Bose $$$4.5
Sonos CONNECT:AMP Wireless Amplifier for Streaming Music Sonos$$$4.7
Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Cambridge SoundWorks$$4.5

How to Choose the Best Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Reliable performance is the most important factor to consider before buying wireless outdoor speakers. Good performance is measured through audio range, sound quality, compatible and durability. It helps you to decide whether or not it is worth buying.

1. Audio range

The audio range is a very important factor since outdoor speakers are used in a wide open area. It indicates the distance that you can place the speakers from the wireless transmitter. The signal should be strong enough to transmit to a long range. Usually, a wireless outdoor speaker can work within 150m and still receive uninterrupted audio.

2. Sound quality

In home and for outdoor purpose, you might want to have some outdoor speakers to give you the high quality sound effect you need. A quality set of outdoor speakers to a surround sound stereo system can deliver full sound for a backyard patio or pool party.

3. Durability

Opposite to indoor speakers, outdoor speakers have primarily powered – either from standard AA batteries, or rechargeable lithium batteries. Pay attention to the available battery life on the speakers. Usually, the speakers can work up to 10 hours on a single charge.

4. Compatibility

Outdoor wireless outdoor speakers are compatible with almost all types of audio players, including CD players, iPods, and even a TV. You only need to plug into an audio or media player and it will work seamlessly with wireless speakers. Outdoor speakers are powered by strong batteries and can supply power to the speakers without having to use mains power. Some wireless speakers offer channel switches which allow you to set each speaker to eliminate disturbances and get better reception. Just make sure that the appropriate channel has been selected.

5. Weather Resistant

Since outdoor wireless speakers are built with wide outside, they are basically weather resistant. They can resist cold air, moisture and protected against extended exposure to the sun. It’s great around young children as you don’t have to worry about them trying to change the song mix with wet hands. However, weather-resistant does not mean waterproof. So don’t leave the device in the rain, which would ruin your wireless speaker. It’s better to check the manufactures claims on just what exactly the speakers can endure.

6. Light weight

Outdoor wireless speakers are portable for easy movement so there is no big heavy speaker box. Outdoor wireless speakers are small in size and light in weight, further making them convenient to use. Besides, they come in a variety of designs. You can further optimize your choice by narrowing down color and style selections that you like.

Outdoor wireless speakers can be bought in singles, pairs and multiple speaker sets. They are the ideal solution for any occasion or party at home, in your backyard or by the pool. You can sit outside by the fire pit in the winter, on the deck for grilling or enjoying the outdoors when the weather is warmer.

Top 5 Best Wireless Outdoor Speakers Reviews

1. Brookstone Outdoor Wireless Speaker and Dock

One of the nicer trends of modern technology is the move towards reducing or eliminating wires. This can be seen throughout the industry, with things like Bluetooth pairing, wireless keyboard and mice, wireless headphones, and even some forms of wireless charging.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker and Dock

Our Rating: (4 / 5)

But one of the most significant innovations is the wireless speaker. At first their audio quality left a lot to be desired, but as the technology improved, they have started to rival traditional wired speakers while having none of their portability restrictions. One of them, named simply as a wireless outdoor speaker, is a fairly inexpensive solution to transmitting audio from your MP3 player, iPhone, iPad, or stereo system across fairly sizable distances. It’s one of the best outdoor wireless speakers that money can buy.


One of the first things you’ll notice about is that it has a rather unique design. It’s likely one of the slickest speakers that you’ll ever find, sporting a plain white design with elegant curves and a convenient carrying handle on top. It is designed to be as portable and easy to handle as possible while also being as weather-resistant as possible, making it ideal to use even if it’s raining a little or the outside temperature is a bit on the hotter or colder side.

A blue light on the unit lets you use it even if it’s night time, making it great for those late night outdoor parties, or for any situation where there’s a low amount of light.

The front of the speaker unit has a convenient and easy-to-operate row of buttons. There’s not too much to say about them, except that they’re fairly intuitively labeled and pretty much self-explanatory.


The wireless outdoor speakers works by way of the included dock component. After attaching your MP3 player or mobile device to it, audio can be wirelessly transmitted to the speaker unit, which can be placed up to about 150 feet away. It can also transmit through walls, ceilings, and floors, making it just as useful indoors as it is outdoors.

They have also have the speaker extremely easy to operate. Even through it makes use of a wireless signal, absolutely zero tuning is required in order to get the best signal possible. This is one of the many things that makes it one of the best outdoor wireless speakers on the market.

Its wireless transmission can be set to 3 different channels in case it interferes with any other wireless devices nearby.

It also isn’t simply a speaker; built into are both a tweeter and a subwoofer as well as a normal mid-range speaker. This ensures that it outputs only the widest range of audio, with crisp highs and booming lows. Many wireless speakers don’t bother with this.

The speaker unit can be powered either by eight D batteries, or through the included AC adapter. Its ability for battery power can be very important for some people, especially when there’s no electrical outlet nearby. The dock can run portably as well, with power either coming from AC or from 6 AA batteries.


The built-in woofer comes in at 5 inches, and the tweeter comes in at 1 inch. Together, these should provide more than adequate sound for all of the music that you’d want to listen to.

As mentioned, the wireless signal can travel up to about 150 feet, which should cover most people’s homes and/or yards. This range might be shortened a little by solid obstacles such as walls, floors, and ceilings, but given its impressive range already, a typical house structure probably won’t kill the signal.

It all weighs in at about 6.4 lbs, making it relatively easy to carry around. The weight is in the same ballpark as a good laptop computer (for example), so that should give you an idea of how light it is.

Its wireless signal uses the 900MHz area of the spectrum. This makes it fantastic for both long range and solid object penetration. It may not quite have the throughput of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz devices, but it doesn’t really need a whole lot of speed just to transmit audio.

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All in all, the best parts of this speaker are both its solid wireless technology as well as its attractive and effective design. It certainly won’t look like an eyesore as it sits with its pretty contours, emitting any kind of audio that you desire.

Speaking of audio, the clarity and quality happen to be a couple of its stronger points, especially with the built-in tweeter and woofer. It may not quite be as good as a dedicated sound system that costs hundreds of dollars, but it certainly does the job of carrying audio wherever you may be.

Besides all that, there’s very little to assemble, making it one of the easiest-to-use wireless speakers on the market.


Even though the audio quality is generally pretty good, those with sharp ears may notice that it’s not quite as high-fidelity as they would want. For the most part this shouldn’t be a big deal to the average consumer, but it’s still something to consider.

There may also be an issue with volume. While this speaker can output a pretty decently loud signal, it may not be able to compete with the roar of a big party. It’s still perfectly suitable for smaller gatherings, but for larger occasions a dedicated system might be more appropriate.

Final Thoughts
With its price of $$, even with its few faults it still offers a lot of bang for your buck. It’s very easy to use and is very versatile with its sleek and portable design as well as its long signal range for its wireless connection.

Customers have also consistently ranked at 4 to 5 stars, making it one of the best wireless outdoor speakers that you can find. It very much works as advertised, and will perform like a champ for a long time to come, backed by a one-year warranty. So overall, it’s a solid system that you can feel confident recommending to your family and friends.

2. Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The powerful, wireless and water-resistant Big Blue Party speaker is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With rechargeable battery, this Bluetooth speaker is easy to use and it does not require a docking station – just pair it with your Bluetooth device. Once Bluetooth range is concerned, it will connect to devices that are up to 33 feet away and doesn’t disconnect.

Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Our Rating: (4.6 / 5)

The 4 full-range speaker drivers deliver powerful 360° full-range stereo sound, offering a nearly theater-like environment that greatly enhances the entire experience.

This Bluetooth wireless outdoor speakers is designed to be as weather-resistant as possible and can be taken to poolside, decks or even the beach. On top is a convenient carrying handle, making it more convenient to lift it.

Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

There’s no question about it; any kind of technology that tries to remove messy wires from our lives is becoming increasingly popular. One such technology is Bluetooth, a wireless standard that relies on the concept of pairing, and can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including the wireless transmission of audio.

An indoor/outdoor speaker called the Big Blue Party happens to be one of the more high-end outdoor Bluetooth wireless speakers on the market. It’s an ideal speaker for those who don’t mind spending a little bit of money on better sound quality. But besides quality, this particular Bluetooth speaker has a number of other things going for it.


One of the more striking things about the Big Blue Party is its simple and elegant design. It’s very minimal, and shaped like a rounded rectangular prism with nothing but a blue light in the center. On top is a convenient carrying handle, making it one of the more portable Bluetooth speakers that you’ll find.

On the top of the unit you’ll find volume controls, and nothing else. As far as features go, the Big Blue Party speaker might be lacking a little bit, but the advantage is that the hardware design ends up being a lot simpler. And if simpler is what you’re going for, this is the speaker to keep your eye on.

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean that it isn’t durable, however. It is designed to be as weather-resistant as possible, able to withstand stronger winds and even a little bit of rain. This makes it great for outdoor parties.


As mentioned, as far as Bluetooth wireless outdoor speakers go, this one doesn’t have much in the way of special features. It simply does one thing, and does it fairly well: Output audio from your Bluetooth device. Once your device has paired with the speaker, you simply play whatever kind of audio that you want, and you’ll hear it from the speaker. This is honestly the only feature that it has, and for a lot of people this is likely all that’s needed.

It does have one bonus feature, however. The Big Blue Party is also compatible with NFC devices, which means that if your phone or tablet is NFC-capable, you simply have to touch it to the speaker in order to instantly pair it. This saves a little bit of time over Bluetooth, which can take a little time to discover devices and establishing a pairing.
Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


As far as battery goes, this speaker will last up to 4.5 hours per charge. This should be plenty for your typical party, although it might seem just slightly short at times. It’s not a big deal, but if you want party music to happen for the whole day you might have interruptions.

The speaker uses a total of 72 watts of power, with 18 watts for every channel and 36 watts for the subwoofer. For something this portable and nice to use, this sort of power is likely all you’ll need.

Frequency response goes from 40Hz to 20 kHz. This makes a little bit weak on the low-end of the spectrum compared to a lot of other sound systems, but this is likely the kind of sacrifice you’ll have to make in order to have wireless sound over Bluetooth.

The speaker itself measures in at 6.3 inches for its width and depth, and 15.8 inches for its height. This makes it fairly sizable, but still small enough to be useful at both indoor and outdoor parties without getting in the way.

As far as its Bluetooth range is concerned, it will connect to devices that are up to 33 feet away. This should be enough range for most purposes, although it may not reach if your backyard happens to be on the larger side.

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Sound Quality

Of course, the most important part of any speaker is its sound quality. In this respect, this Bluetooth speaker will get you pretty far, but as mentioned before the frequency response on the lower end might be lacking a bit. The unit still has a subwoofer regardless, but you should keep in mind that it won’t be able to respond to some of those low frequencies in the first place.

Otherwise, the speaker works fairly well for wireless audio. It has enough volume for small to medium-sized parties, with enough quality to satisfy the needs of most people.

Final Thoughts

With its price of $$$, it’s one of the more expensive bluetooth wireless outdoor speakers that you’ll find, but it does indeed work as advertised. It could perhaps have improved sound quality, higher Bluetooth range, and more features overall, but even if you take all that way it’s still a solid performer and useful in a variety of situations where it may not be feasible to run wires or where you need to keep the speaker unit on the move.

3. Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers

A pair of Bose 251 speakers are wall-mount outdoor speakers designed for placement in the garden, on the deck or on the patio. Bose 251 speakers deliver balanced stereo sound for exceptionally broad outdoor coverage. Each speaker has 3 drivers: two 2.5″ drivers and one 5.25″ woofer. The sound is very rich and warm with tweeter array design.

Bose 251 speakers are easily installed or removed. The bracket assembly is four holes and comes with simple instructions to mount for different surfaces. As they’re weather resistant, Bose 251 speakers are also guaranteed to withstand harsh weather. You can listen to them no matter what the condition.

Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers

Our Rating: (4.5 / 5)

Bose 251 Wireless Outdoor Speakers Review

When you want to enjoy yourself or the company of others, one of the best ways to do it is by throwing on some of your favorite tunes. But sometimes people want to enjoy the outdoors. What are you to do when your stereo remains inside? Just use these Bose wireless outdoor speakers. They bring the sound quality Bose is known for outdoors where you can listen to them no matter what the condition.

Design for All Types of Weather

When you hear that these Bose wireless outdoor speakers can be enjoyed in any type of weather, you might think that claim only covers things like low temps or a little rain. But you’d be mistaken.

These speakers not only deliver top of the line audio quality, they can do it in the snow, the harsh sun, rain, even ice and the spray of saltwater. So wherever you’re going, feel free to take these speakers with you. They’ll be fine.

Audio Power

And don’t think you’re losing anything in terms of audio just to get greater versatility. Nothing could be further from the truth. These speakers are 13.5 inches tall and can crank out 50 watts apiece. Their amplifiers provide a 100 RMS power range on top of it. The result is music you can hear wherever you are. At just 20 pounds, you’ll have no problem moving them around either.

These Bose outdoor wireless speakers were made with an enclosure that’s multi-chambered as well. What this means for you is that your deepest, lowest frequencies will stay accurate even when you’re cranking them outdoor.

Bose 251 Outdoor Speakers
Wall Mount

One look at these Bose outdoor wireless speakers and you’ll realize these are going to be a staple of every party you throw. But that doesn’t mean dragging them out each time. Their easy wall mount makes it a breeze to hook them up anywhere around your home, withstand temperatures from -22° to 140°. Now you simply turn them on whenever you want the music outdoors. And, of course, as they’re weather resistant, there’s never any need to take them down.


Bose is well known for making the best audio products available. But they also provide phenomenal customer support. So if, for whatever reason, you end up with some issues, they can help you troubleshoot it. If you’re having difficulty with the wall mount, they can walk you through it. There’s simply no way you won’t enjoy these speakers.

So if you like entertaining guests outdoors, don’t miss out on this opportunity to do it right. With the Bose outdoor wireless speakers you’ll get the best sound quality possible for your back porch or around the pool. Easy wall mounts make it simple to set up and Bose quality means your tunes will hit every ear in the area. Best of all, you never have to bring them in. These speakers were specially engineered to face the worst Mother Nature could throw at them and still produce unbelievable sound. Leave it to Bose to make such an innovative product.

4. Sonos CONNECT:AMP Wireless Amplifier for Streaming Music

Sonos is a wireless speaker system works through your home’s WiFi access. It streams music from your computer hard disk or internet. With iPhone or Android apps installed, you can control it through your smartphone. Your phone is still with you for answering phone calls or using other phone apps, with no disruption to the music system.

Sono has 5 separate wireless speakers all within one unit. Each of these speakers is fully self contained, including its own dedicated digital amplifiers that deliver crystal-clear, room-filling sound.

If you want control the different rooms separately it is not an issue cause Sono system will not loose its WiFi connection as you move about the house. That’s why Sono system is also perfect for outside party. Just take it out to the deck, plug it in, and get music out there


Our Rating: (4.7 / 5)

Sonos Wireless Outdoor Speakers System Review

If you love your music, you’ll love this wireless outdoor speaker system. It was created with real music lovers in mind, especially those who prefer to bring the party outside. Keep reading as we discuss the many advantages you’ll find by going with the Sonos – PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music.

The Sonos Controller App

One of the coolest parts about this wireless outdoor speakers system is that you can control it through your smartphone. That’s right. Simply download the Sonos Controller app to your smartphone or tablet. It’s absolutely free and allows you to control your new awesome speakers from wherever you are. The system works through your home’s WiFi access.

Best of all, you’re not using your smartphone as a docking stereo, like you do when you stream music to play that way. So this means you can take calls and make texts all while the music remains playing.

Limitless Music

This setup also means you’ll never run out of music to play through your wireless outdoor speakers system. That’s because, thanks to the WiFi access, these speakers can just pull music from the digital library you keep on your computer. Of course, the Sonos – PLAY: 5 Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music also comes with over 100,000 Internet radio stations you can avoid. These, too, are 100% free. But it gets even better. With a few taps, you can start listening to music through Pandora, Rhapsody,, Napster and SIRIUS. There is literally no way a song can escape your grasp which means the party never has to dull down or die out.
sonos5 Speakers

But let’s get to the name. It’s called the Sonos – PLAY: 5 Wireless outdoor Speakers for Streaming Music, after all. Chances are, then, you can guess where it’s name comes from, though you’d probably never guess it just by taking a look at the system.

That’s because this amazing sound system encases the 5 separate speakers all within one unit. From the outside it just looks like one large speaker. But behind that façade are 5 of them, each of which are powered by their own digital amplifier.

You get 2 separate tweeters, 2 different mid-range drivers and your very own subwoofer driver that will make sure you feel every hit of bass.

What does this mean for you? Rich sounds that will fill the entire room. Put this system up against much larger, much bulkier and much more expensive units and you’ll find this one comes out on top.

Lastly, the speakers aren’t all the Sonos – PLAY: 5 Wireless outdoor Speakers for Streaming Music has going for it. This system also relies on its 100% digital framework so that the highest notes possible all the way down to the mid-range and deep, deep bass come through in pitch perfect clarity, just like the artiste wanted. Close your eyes and you’ll feel like you’re at the show yourself.

Easy to Leverage

This wireless outdoor speaker system could literally be the last one you ever buy. It takes zero installation, yet it can fill every room in your home with music. That’s because you can add further ZonePlayer S5 units to your setup. Put them anywhere—or everywhere—in your home. Sonos will handle syncing them all together.

Better still, you can send different songs to each room if you want. Talk about setting a mood for your next party. Let every room have a different feel to it. All the while, you remain in control thanks to your iPhone, Android, tablet, etc.

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Don’t forget about your yard too. This wireless outdoor speaker system makes it simple to bring the noise out there too. Just set it up outside. You can still play music inside, remember, thanks to an additional ZonePlayer S5 unit.

The wireless outdoor speakers system’s very hand handle makes it even easier for you to move outside when the party’s rocking and bring it back in when things die down. At just under 12 pounds, you won’t have any problems.

So if you’re in the market for a wireless outdoor speakers system, your search is up. The SONOS 5 Plays Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music is as good as it gets.


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