How to install In-Wall Speakers – Step by Step Tips

Installing speakers into your house walls comes in as one of the alternatives of getting the benefits that traditional floor speakers will not give you. You may choose to install the speakers in the walls as a way of enhancing the esthetic appearance of your house or as a means of optimizing your floor space. Whatever the reason, you need to understand that installing these sound systems in your walls is not rocket science reserved for the chosen few. This article is going to guide you on how to install in-wall speakers.

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How to Install In-Wall Speakers Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare first

Make sure you prepare everything before you start the installation process. You need to find out what is behind the walls before you start off. Also, you need to select the most appropriate location of the wall before you buy the in-wall speakers. You will have to inspect the locations and find out if they are suitable for the installation of the speakers.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate placement

You also need to determine the ear level of the speakers. You have to place the speakers at a seated height of about 3 feet. You will also have to check which location of the wall has studs because this is where you will install the speakers—between studs. You can use a stud finder to locate studs or by the just tap on the wall.

Step 3: Measuring and cutting the holes

Modern in-wall speakers come with already cut-out templates. You can use these templates to assist you to trace the hole on the wall. You now need to cut the hole into the wall using a drywall saw and scoop out the pieces from the walls.

Step 4: Preparing for and connecting the speaker wires

After cutting the hole where you will install the speakers, you now need to make a choice on how you are going to run the wires from the amplifier to the speakers. You will have to conduct an inspection on how the wires will access the speakers before choosing a particular wiring method.  You can decide to run the wires through the wall or along the floor. Once you have decided on the best method of wire connection, you can go on and connect the wires in readiness for installing the speakers.

Step 5: Installing the speakers

The fifth step on how to install in-wall speakers is fitting them into the cut-out in the wall. If you want the in-wall speakers to match the color of your walls, you will need to paint them before installation. Now, it is time to connect the speakers to the wires. After the connection, you need to insert the speakers into the wall and then screw them tightly into its place.

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Step 6: Testing the speakers

The last step on how to install in-wall speakers is to switch on the system and test how well the sound is working. You need to perform the testing using a lower volume and then progress steadily until you are sure that the sound quality is right.

Closing remarks

So far, this article has provided you with all the instructions you need to learn on how to install in-wall speakers. The facts presented in this guide will benefit you if you follow and implement them as they are. By so doing, you will be adding another golden feather on the cap of your home entertainment atmosphere. You can be assured of enriching the esthetic and entertainment ambiance of your home and turn it into a refreshing hub of quality music.

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