5 Best Component Speakers for Car

Changing or replacing your car speakers is the most cost-effective upgrade you could do for your automobiles. The factory-installed OEM speakers could be frustrating at times and for audiophiles, replacing these with the best car speakers is the only way forward. While you can choose to go for full range speakers, you can rather take it a step further by choosing from some of the best component speakers for cars. We’ll go ahead to review some of the best 6.5 component speakers but first of all, why would you need the best component speakers for your car?

Why You Should Need the Best Component Speakers

You may have known that you could easily choose from either of full range or component speakers. Both of these come with their benefits and drawbacks. Full range speakers are easy to install and just like the name suggests, they have been fully combined to offer all the different range of sound production from the same source.   The component speakers, on the other hand, are specially engineered for better sound delivery. Though they may generally cost more, they offer unparalleled sound quality. This is because the speaker system is composed in most cases of a pair of tweeters, as well as mid-bass drivers matched with a crossover to limit the range of frequency that each separate component delivers.   For these reasons, the best component speakers for bass and sound quality are so excellent that the sound comes alive, undistorted and are delivered with great depth. Although they cost more than full-range speakers, our review of the best component car speakers still contains some of the best budget component speakers that will deliver better high-fidelity output while still being affordable.

Things to look out for in the best component speakers for cars

There are a few things you may want to check out in your new component speakers. This will help you select the best 6.5 speakers for the money. When you make your decision to go for a component speaker setup system, make sure to check out for the following;

Woofer Materials

You should check out the build quality because this will majorly affect the performance. The woofer component should be constructed from lightweight but stiff materials such as polypropylene. This may also be mixed with other materials like mica so as to get a stiffer woofer that will yield a more precise bass response. Woven fabrics and or metal-coated synthetic are also good as they are able to withstand extreme heat, moisture, and cold.

Tweeter Materials

The tweeter material will normally have a profound effect on the type of sound a speaker produces. You can choose tweeter materials made from soft materials like poly, silk and textile as these speakers sound more refined and kind of mellow. You may also go for speakers with harder tweeter materials like ceramic, graphite or metals if you like the highs to come off as bright and snappy.

Surround materials

The surround materials affect the bass response of speakers.  These surrounds determine how freely the woofer can move and how bold the bass is emitted. Although foam and rubber surround cost less and is still acceptable, the rubber surround materials offer the best overall performance and durability. The surround must be durable as they’ll have to stand up to weather and environmental extremes like temperature and humidity.

Features and Specifications

Other features such as crossovers, passive in most cases should also be checked out. The crossovers are used to separate frequencies sent to the woofer and tweeters to ensure a clean and vibrant output while maintaining efficient energy use. Other specifications such as sensitivity power output and more should also be checked to see if they match one’s requirement before purchase.

Reviews of 5 Best Component Speakers for Cars

We reviewed several of the most popular component speakers in the market and have brought to you the best picks among the lot. Whether you’re looking for the best component speakers for bass or simply the best budget components speakers, these speakers are the best component speakers that will easily turn around your on-the-road entertainment.  

1. Hertz HSK 165  [Best Component Speakers for Cars]

Best Component Speakers for Car

Hertz HSK 165

Our Rating: (4.2 / 5)


The Hertz HSK 165 XL comes in as number one on our list of the best component speakers for cars. This is down to its design that has made it one of the highest performing speakers we’ve reviewed. It has similar designs and performance with the popular but pricier MLK 165. The 2-Way speaker system features professional-grade materials for its various components. Its balanced sound output, as well as a vibrant and clear reproduction, has made it the audiophiles’ top choice for component car speakers.

Features and Specifications

  • 2-Way System with 250 Watts Peak and 125 Watts RMS
  • Excellent 25 mm Neodymium REN HT 25 Tweeter (1-inch)
  • HV 165 Woofer of 165 mm (6.5-inch)
  • External Crossover
  • Frequency response range of 40 Hz to 22 kHz


  • Great sound clarity and excellent performance
  • Decent midbass and low ends
  • Excellent build quality and design


  • None we can think of



2. Polk Audio DB6501 2-Way Component System

Polk Audio DB6501 2-Way Component System

Polk Audio DB6501

Our Rating: (4.2 / 5)


This high powered component speaker from the reputable Polk Audio stables does not only have the good looks but also boasts excellent performance to match such aesthetic look and design. When you need the best component speakers that will provide dynamic balance while being able to withstand weather extremes, then the Polk DB6501 may be what you need. The rubber surround, the silk dome tweeter, the woofer and other components are made from high-grade materials to offer a great performance and durability.

Features and Specifications

  • 2-Way setup of 25 mm silk/polymer dome tweeter and for highs with clarity and enough details
  • 5-inch poly/mica woofer pair including a tweeter pair and a pair of Butterworth crossovers
  • Kapton voice coils and butyl rubber surround for stronger and punchy bass response
  • Adaptor rings for easy installation


  • Great clarity and detail
  • Valuable product for the price
  • Easy to install


  • A bit lacking in low-end bass



3. Rockford Fosgate P165-S: [Best Component Speakers for Bass]

Rockford Fosgate P165-S

Our Rating: (4.3 / 5)


Premium component speakers such as the Rockford Fosgate P165-S cannot be overlooked when shopping for the best component speakers for cars. They promise so much and deliver excellent performance for a fair amount. The features and technologies in use in these speakers have made them a favorite of many car audio enthusiasts. The lightweight polypropylene cone and the butyl rubber surround ensure great bass response without compromise on quality. The crossover comes fitted with the speaker to reduce the hassles of installation.

Features and Specifications

  • 2-Way component speakers with a pair each of woofers and tweeters
  • 120 Watts peak power output with a 2 to 60 Watts RMS power range
  • 5-inch polypropylene woofers and 1-inch PEI dome tweeters
  • 2dB Sensitivity with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 22 kHz
  • Crossover built into woofers and Flexfit technology to allow easy installation


  • Excellent sound output
  • Beautiful design and build quality


  • You may have issues with installations at times



4. Alpine SPR-60C Audio Component System

Alpine SPR-60C Audio Component System

Alpine SPR-60C

Our Rating: (4.5 / 5)


Although it seems a little more expensive than the other models and brands on our list of the best 6.5 component speakers, it has the features and performance of the best 6.5 component speakers under $200 and for that, you are getting the full value for the amount this set costs. It has this design which along with the black color would immediately enhance the aesthetic appeal of any car interior. When you want the best of both worlds, you can get the best design and performance out of this beast in a beautiful body.

Features and Specifications

  • A peak power output of 330 Watts and an RMS of 110 Watts
  • Hybrid-layered-Pulp Cone woofer for balanced bass response
  • 4 ohms Impedance along with a frequency response of 65 Hz to 29 kHz
  • Sensitivity rating of 87dB


  • Excellent sound output
  • Awesome highs and lows
  • Clear, clean and loud sound


  • Upper mids may seem harsh
  • No manufacturer warranty



5. Infinity Reference 6030cs [Best Budget Component Speakers]

Best Budget Component Speakers

Infinity Reference 6030cs

Our Rating: (4.1 / 5)


The Infinity Reference 6030cs are a great pair of component speakers and if you seem to be worried about the cost of component speakers over full range speakers, then, you may as well find the 6030cs a great pick as it offers great sound at an incredible price. It’s probably the best 6.5 component speakers under 100 and hardly will you find a better sounding speaker within that price range.

Features and Specs of the Infinity 6030cs

  • 2-Way Component Speaker setup with 270 Watts Peak Power and 90 Watts RMS
  • External crossover for the Fabric dome tweeter and ‘PlusOne’ woofer for more clarity and greater energy efficiency
  • 92dB Sensitivity, a frequency response of 53 Hz to 21 kHz and 2 ohms Impedance
  • Rubber surround for more bass response, strength, and durability


  • Highs and mids are excellent too
  • Inexpensive with decent bass response


  • The bass may seem low to some




The Hertz HSK 165 XL is our top pick among the best component speakers for cars while the Infinity Reference 6030cs is our pick among the best 6.5 component speakers for the money.


The 5 speakers reviewed above are great if you’d like to turn around what your car audio entertainment can deliver. You will be doing yourself great good as far as sound quality and the best component speakers for cars are concerned. Choose your pick from these and begin to enjoy high-fidelity entertainment in your cars. You can always thank us later!

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