Do You Need A Best Party Speakers? Top 5 Reviews

You know you’ve got a pretty tricky job in your hands when you are in charge of music and sound for a party. You sure want the audience to have a swell time and the sound and music is one very crucial thing you have to get right. That brings us to the issue of the best party speakers. Simply put, you’ll need the best party speakers to ensure the party never gets a dull moment.

We are not talking about mediocre-quality speakers here, we are talking about the best party speakers with bass and excellent sound quality. Some also like their party speakers with lights that pulse to the beat as well as wireless connectivity. Whatever your preference, be sure you get the best party speakers systems and for that, we are here to help you. We’ve purposefully reviewed the best party speakers of the greatest popularity and acceptance. After our reviews, we narrowed this down to a list of five which is outlined below.


Before we proceed with the individual review of the best party speakers systems, we feel it would make the most sense if you are acquainted with a buying guide that can help guide your decision when shopping for the best party speakers for your next event. First among these, let’s analyze how you can choose the best party speakers with bass and great sound quality.

How to choose the best party speakers

Choosing your party speakers may seem tricky and can be a tiring adventure especially when you are not armed with the right info and guide. There are certain things you should know and that is what this part of the buying guide is aimed at providing. Before you start shopping for the best party speakers, it will do you plenty of good to consider a few things, let’s check those out!


Things to look out for in the best party speakers systems

Of these, there are basically five most important things you should consider before buying your next set of party speakers. We break them down as follows;



This is usually what you should first consider when shopping for your party speakers. Establish and clarify the price limit within which you would operate. Although it seems the pricier speakers offer better sound quality, there still affordable speaker systems that will feed the guests just as good.  Check out our reviews below to find different speakers within different price ranges.


Sound quality

You’ll want clean and undistorted sound for your guest. Everyone hates muddy sounds and they can be painful to bear for long. You should ensure you stick out for a speaker system with great sound output, i.e one with punchy bass, clear mids, and great trebles.


Bass output

For those who are all about the bass, it is necessary you get a speaker with a strong and punchy bass output. This will ensure the party is kept alive and the fun can only get better. You’ll agree that these hard-hitting bass will definitely set the tempo and ensure the mood of the party never gets dull.



For some, they like their speakers compact and lightweight for easy portability. If you are in the market for some very light and portable speakers, then you may check out our reviews has technology over the years has contributed to the production of more advanced speakers that are smaller, compact, look better and still sounds better.


Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity is great and will normally ensure that wire clutter and disturbances are out of the way. These wireless party loudspeakers are fancied by so many people nowadays. These speakers can easily be connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices like mobile phones and sharing of media files altogether becomes easier. One problem though is that Bluetooth-connectivity may negatively affect the quality of the sound output.

Why you need the best party speakers

There are a lot of benefits and advantage that comes with owning party speakers. These speakers are great for turning up at parties whether indoors or outdoors. These speakers are portable and can be easily moved around. Some come with chargeable or easily replaceable battery and using them becomes easier when compared to what older party speakers offer. If you need versatility and ease while still keeping the tempo high, then you need some of these best party speakers we’ll review right below.

1. Proreck Party 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered Pa Speaker

Best Party Speakers

Proreck Party 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered Pa Speaker

Our Rating: (4.4 / 5)


We kicked off our review of the best party speakers with the popular Proreck party speaker which is incredibly price despite being a powerhouse of accurate, punchy and clear sound output. The Proreck party speaker packs 2000 Watts of power in its 2-way speaker component and comes with inbuilt FM radio as well as Bluetooth connectivity. When you need easier media sharing, the Proreck has a USB/SD card reader as well as RCA inputs and outputs for connectivity.

Need to fill up your party venue with positive vibes? Then you can count on this workhorse. The Proreck party speaker excels in both indoor and outdoor party venue and the strong bass output does not get distorted even at the highest volumes.

Features and Specifications

  • 2-Way speaker configuration
  • 2000 Watts P M P O with 200 Watts RMS power output
  • 15’’ portable speaker with stands and transport wheels for easy movement
  • 15’’ woofer with 1.35’’ compression driver for great sound output
  • Bluetooth connectivity, USB/SD card reader with FM radios and remote control
  • LED lights to pulse and reflect the bass output to further improve the mood and atmosphere


  • Highly affordable party speaker
  • Excellent sound output
  • Versatile with flexible connections
  • Comes with stands, wheels, mic, and wires for easy use


  • Needs electrical power source


2. Sony GTKXB7RC High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth

Sony GTKXB7RC High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth


Our Rating: (4.5 / 5)


When you have a Sony product as one of your picks, you can rest assured that you’re getting reliability and top quality. The same is true for the Sony GTKXB7RC that has been carefully crafted to provide a wide range of functions as far as the best party speakers are concerned. The speaker is hefty at first and measures about 33 inches tall. It is still portable though as it has handles that can be used to carry them around easily. For those who are in the market for the best party speakers with light, the Sony GTKXB7RC is a worthy choice and together with very many other features, it could bring the much-needed vibrancy to turn up your party for some real fun.

Features and Description

  • 2-Way speaker configuration with Party Chain to expand your speaker system
  • USB ports, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity allows the Sony GTKXB7RC to be easily connected to other devices for media input
  • LED lights to further create a party atmosphere and recreate punchy bass and pulse to the beat
  • EXTRA BASS for more bass output and SongPal app for EQ and settings control


  • Aesthetic design with great build quality
  • Excellent and rich sound
  • Plays through Bluetooth as well as RCA and USB
  • Features remote control for easy controls


  • Works only on AC power



3. Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Our Rating: (4.5 / 5)


The Brookstone’s Big Blue Part Speakers focuses on the basics while sporting a simple minimalistic design. This speaker has a few select features and makes an appearance on our list of the best party speakers because of its excellent and omnidirectional sound output. The minimalist design of the Big Blue Party Speaker is still cool enough to deserve a place in your living room and the futuristic-looking speaker has just a few select features. The speaker has a big blue light in front and the 15.8’’ tall speaker has handles with which they can be easily carried around.  The Big Blue can play audiophile level audio and can get really loud. Despite this, the treble still remains clear and the bass too does not get muddy or distorted.

Features and Description

  • The Big Blue features 4 full range speakers that deliver powerful sound output in all directions
  • It supports wireless connectivity with a Bluetooth connectivity range of 33 feet
  • The speaker features rechargeable battery with over 4.5 hours of operation from full charge
  • Carry handle makes it easy to move around
  • It is also NFC-compatible and can be used with NFC-enabled devices


  • Awesome sound output with deep and powerful bass
  • AUX Input
  • Water-resistant build
  • Beautiful looks and design


  • Bluetooth range is short
  • Battery life is barely up to five hours


4. Soundlogic XT Wireless Bluetooth Indoor and Outdoor Party Speaker

Splash Proof Indoor Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Splash Proof Indoor Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Our Rating: (4.1 / 5)


The next feature on our list of the best party speakers system is the Soundlogic XT and this shares some similarities in function and features to the Big Blue Party Speaker above. Although smaller and more compact compared to the Big Blue, the Soundlogic XT Wireless Bluetooth Indoor and Outdoor Party Speaker is also splash-proof and Bluetooth-enabled. The speaker has shoulder straps with which it could be hung around the shoulder and they are perfect for parties at the beach, barbecue parties and other indoor and outdoor parties. The compact speaker produces deep bass that is nothing but incredible considering the size. Also, its easy connectivity with both iPhones and Android devices made it a top choice for party lovers.

Features and Specifications

  • Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR) with a connectivity range of 27 to 33 feet
  • Speaker output of 2 x 2 Watts with another 1 x 5 Watts subwoofer
  • Easily rechargeable 3.7 V/1000MA inbuilt batteries
  • SD card slot to easily share and read SD card data


  • Great sound output at a decent volume
  • Valuable and great for the price
  • Easy wireless connectivity


  • Sound output volume is not that high
  • Can only be used for simple occasions and not large guest parties


5. Sony RDHGTK37IP Portable Party System with Bluetooth and NFC Technology



Our Rating: (4.5 / 5)


The portable Sony RDHGTK37IP Portable Party System with Bluetooth and NFC Technology takes a prominent place amidst the best party speakers and when you need the most vibrant and punchy sound to fill up a party venue or to entertain the guest at the backyard. The Sony RDHGTK37IP is a workhorse that will fill up the party space with powerful bass output to ensure the atmosphere never and the party never experience one dull moment. When you need your best party speakers with lights or you’re simply in the market for some of the best party speakers with bass and quality sound output, the Sony RDHGTK37IP may be all you need.

Features and Specifications

  • 2-Way Speaker system with woofers and tweeters that provide a powerful 420 Watts RMS sound output
  • Convenient wireless connectivity with Bluetooth or NFC connectivity as well as mobile devices connection
  • 14 different LEDs and Strobe lightning effects to color the atmosphere and mood of party people
  • Inbuilt AM/FM tuner for up to 20 FM and 10 AM preset stations to broadcast local radio signals
  • 11 EQ settings that can be easily used to make sounds and music sound better. Bass BRAZUCA, ISOLATOR, FLANGER and more.
  • Portable workhorse speaker that can be easily moved around


  • Sounds very great
  • The bass is punchy and the clarity is awesome
  • Compact and portable but still powerful
  • Very loud and powerful bass


  • The dock only works for Apple devices




When you need to organize parties and need the best party speakers to turn up, then you can rest assured that these speakers will serve your indoor and outdoor parties. If we have to single out one product, then the Sony RDHGTK37IP Portable Party System with Bluetooth and NFC Technology will be a great fit. It offers great sound output, it’s portable, its one of the best wireless party speakers and it probably has the best value to price ratio although the others are just as great.



The best party speakers are needed to ensure the party gets rocky and everyone catches the vibe. Without them, the atmosphere will be bland and the party will seem dull. When next you plan to organize your parties, get any of these around and watch how your party will come alive. Pick your choice from these, have fun and thank us later.

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