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Best Studio Headphones under 100 Dollars

When your passion and love for music translates into the production of music itself, it then becomes important that you set up your very own home studio for music recordings and productions. It will cost you bucks and you should know that but you do not necessarily

5 Best Component Speakers for Car

Changing or replacing your car speakers is the most cost-effective upgrade you could do for your automobiles. The factory-installed OEM speakers could be frustrating at times and for audiophiles, replacing these with the best car speakers is the only way forward. While you can choose to go

Top 5 Best 6X9 Car Speakers reviews

Need high fidelity entertainment in your car and other automobiles? Then it is highly likely you’ll need to replace those set of factory-installed speakers which are on most occasions are mediocre at best. To turn around your music and audio listening experience, we have compiled this review

Top 5 Best Audiophile Headphones of 2018

Life has an audiophile demanding and any audio source below excellence could be frustrating and annoying. We set out to review some of the best audiophile-grade headphones available on the market today and we’ve got some interesting picks that will light up the excitement of the most

Top 5 Best Sounding Car Speakers for 2018

Most of us audiophiles usually embark on car stereo system overhaul as the first upgrade after getting a new ride. You’ll need the best sounding car speakers because these speakers are the center point of your entertainment most times you’ll be on the road. We often get

5 Best Bookshelf Speakers under 1000 Dollars of 2018

For the most enthusiastic audiophiles, the home theater setup is not yet complete without a great audio to match and compliment equally great visuals. You’ll need surround sound and so having a pair or more of the best sounding speakers in the world can only be possible

Best Bookshelf Speakers under 200 Dollars

Finding bookshelf speakers with great performance under the $200 mark could be challenging for most people. Many of the speakers within this price range lack the awesome sound delivery and performance of their pricier colleagues although that is not to say there are no good speakers within

AKG C214 Review: The Good, the bad & all you need to know

The AKG Microphones are known for their excellent sound quality and this AKG C214 review gives nothing less than thumbs-up for yet another quality microphone. The AKG C214 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone aimed at providing excellent sound reproduction for the avid home studio musician. If

Best Noise Canceling Earbuds: 2018 Buying Guide & Reviews

It could be frustrating at times when ambient noise from the environment has to interfere with your calls, music or other important thing you may be listening to on your phones. This is especially true if you are a frequent traveler as noise from trains, airplanes, airports

Top 5 Best Bookshelf Speakers under 2000 Dollars

Bookshelf speakers are a very important part of your home theater or media surround setup. These portable stereo speakers do not take up much space and can easily be integrated into most existing setups. With many different brands and models on the market, it may become tricky