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The Best 4×6 Speakers Review

So, we’ll be reviewing the best 4×6 speakers today and it’s a huge task we’ve got on our hands. You’d probably feel this should be a simple selection but we have deal with several types and models of car speakers from among which we’ve selected the best

Philips SoundShooter Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

The SoundShooter is a unique grenade-shaped Bluetooth speaker made by Philips and is intended with ultra portability and rugged features in mind to suit those who are actively outdoors and want a portable Bluetooth speaker at a budget price point. The SoundShooter really is a tiny speaker

Getting A Home Bluetooth Speaker – A Right Decision?

If you’re not the only one listening to your music and you’re sharing it with other family members. Chances are you want something that sounds better than your laptop’s built-in speaker or your smartphone’s speaker. As a matter of fact, you might be thinking of buying a

OontZ Angle Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

The OontZ Angle by Cambridge sound works is a solid budget Bluetooth speaker that is now selling at Amazon. This little speaker packs quite the performance, comes in many different colors and is ultra portable. The OontZ Angle despite the cheap price is a very quality built

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Marshall Stanmore is a unique addition into the Bluetooth speaker world. The speaker incorporates the look of a classic amp and it produces some serious sound. The Marshall Stanmore Looks awesome, it gives you a feeling that you own something special and unique. The speaker comes

Logitech UE Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Logitech UE Mini Boom is considered to be the baby brother to the popular tube shaped UE Boom. The Mini boom was launched with ultra portability, great performance and an excellent price point in mind. Lets see if the UE Mini boom lives up to its

JBL Charge Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you happen to be an owner of a JBL Flip Bluetooth speaker, then you know that it’s not as good as the other top rated portable wireless speakers on the market. Simply because it lacks the performance and features that you would expect from an audio

Jawbone Big Jambox Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Jawbone Big Jambox is an upgrade both in sound performance and features from the original Jambox. The only thing unusual about this particular speaker is that they made an ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker into something six times bigger and three times much heavier than the original model.

iHome IDM11B Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The iHome iDM11B is one of the most affordable Bluetooth speakers in the market. It also has an exquisite design that many audio enthusiasts will appreciate. The boxy but stylish shape of this speaker makes it look attractive and durable. From all the other iHome speakers that

Creative D200 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

I’ve been gushing about the Creative D200 for quite some time now on this site and it is only appropriate that I do a complete, in-depth review of these excellent Bluetooth speakers. Since I’ve already devoted plenty of reams to its smaller sibling – the D100, I’ll